[Spoilers] Recap: The Originals: The Awakening ‘Brotherly Love’ - Nathaniel Buzolic Fansite
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Here is a recap of The Originals The Awakening by Riley Blueberry (the-originalscw). All credit goes to her and her website.

If you haven’t watched the first part of the web series, don’t keep on reading. It includes spoilers.

Did you watch part 1 of The Originals: The Awakening starring Nathaniel Buzolic to see the connection Kol has with Davina Claire?

The first webisode started with the sneak peek previously released. But Kol wasn’t grabbing the young witch, played by Keri Lynn Pratt, to feed on her, he was grabbing her to kiss her and persuade her to help him get rid of Klaus.

When Kol was undaggered by Klaus, curse after curse fell upon New Orleans. The bubonic plague and war between the witches aligned with Klaus and those aligned with Kol. As Kol grabs Mary-Alice, she protests that just once he could greet her like a gentleman. Kol responds that if she wanted a gentleman she had the wrong brother. Perhaps he was talking about Elijah!

He asks where Astrid is because he needs two witches in order to begin the lessons. Turns out Astrid doesn’t trust him, after hearing how he uses witches and then discards them. “Lies,” he insists, “Told by my wicked family, my love!”

He tells her he holds witches in high regard, but if Klaus has his way they’ll all be dead, leaving the city to the vampires. He asks her if she doesn’t want to keep the city safe for future generations of Claires to come. Case in point, Davina! Now we know why in the present day Kaleb/Kol is so interested in her, and in the witches.

When Mary-Alice asks him why he’s so interested in the witches, he tells her that once they get rid of Klaus’ witches they’re going to get rid of Klaus.

Sounds like in the present day he’s trying to complete the agenda with Davina Claire that he started with her ancestor Mary-Alice Claire!

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