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Hey guys! We are Mariana Baciquetto (@bebuzolic) and Leticia Santos
(@buzolicfeels), and we are the new owners of nathanielbuzolic.com. We kindly adopted the site and we promise you we will take a good care of it. We are brazilians and the owners of Nathaniel Buzolic Brasil (@nathanielbrasil on twitter), so we intend to post on this site both in English and Portuguese, for all audiences. It will work like this: on the website, we will post first in English (as we are doing now) and below in Portuguese, so everyone can understand and receive the news of our dear Nathaniel Buzolic. We also have two twitters for the site, one in portuguese (@nathanielbrasil) and one in english (@NateBuzzOnline) so anyone can follow us and keep in contact. I hope you guys like us and enjoy the site 🙂
A little curiosities about us:
– We live in Brazil, but in different cities and states.
– We met via twitter because of Nathaniel.
– We both already met Nate in different conventions: he is an amazing person.

Oi gente! Nós somos Mariana Baciquetto (@bebuzolic) e Leticia Santos (@buzolicfeels), e somos as novas donas do nathanielbuzolic.com. Nós gentilmente adotamos o site e prometemos que cuidaremos muito bem dele. Somos brasileiras e donas do Nathaniel Buzolic Brasil (@nathanielbrasil no twitter), então pretendemos postar nesse site tanto em inglês quanto em português, para atingir todos os públicos. Funcionará assim: no website, postaremos primeiramente em inglês (como estamos fazendo agora) e em baixo em português, assim todos conseguem entender e receber as novidades do nosso querido Nathaniel Buzolic. Nós também temos dois twitters para o site, um em português (@nathanielbrasil) e um em inglês (@NateBuzzOnline) para que qualquer um possa nos seguir e manter contato. Espero que vocês gostem de nós e aproveitem o site 🙂
Um pouco de curiosidades sobre nós:
– Nós moramos no brasil, porém em diferentes cidades e estados.
– Nos conhecemos via twitter por causa do Nathaniel.
– As duas já conheceram o Nate pessoalmente em convenções diferentes: ele é um amor de pessoa.

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Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wants Kol’s (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) help to defeat the powerful Hollow in the upcoming episode of “The Originals.

In the episode titled “Phantomesque,” the synopsis (according to CarterMatt) reveals that Klaus will ask his prodigal brother to return to New Orleans to help the family take down one of the most powerful enemies they have ever faced. It is not only Kol whom Klaus will summon home. Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) will also get an invitation. Now that Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is gone, the Mikaelsons must stick together. Klaus expect his siblings to fight alongside him, but he must be wary of Kol.

The vampire is still mourning the loss of his girlfriend, Davina (guest star Danielle Campbell). The Mikaelsons killed her. Kol has yet to accept the fact that he was the reason why she died. His return to New Orleans will force him to face his feelings and consider how far he will go to meet her again. He may be so distracted that he will fail to be of assistance to Klaus. Kol may even plan his brother’s execution. After all, it was Klaus who ended Davina’s life.

Meanwhile, the promo shows Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) teaming up for a dangerous mission. The witch thinks she has a way to bring back Elijah. A spell will send Hayley in a death-defying search for her lover’s soul. In the clip, the werewolf wakes up in a different world. Everything is while, except for a mysterious door. Freya’s voice warns her that she will find Elijah there, but he may not be the same vampire she knows and loves. True enough, a trick of light shows the Elijah of the Middle Ages. His hair is longer and unkempt. Will Hayley be able to bring him back?

“The Originals” season 4 episode 10 will air on Friday, June 2 at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.

Source: The Christian Post

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Sadly there’s not much news surrounding Nate at the moment so I have updated the gallery with some of Nate’s most recent Instagram/Stories photos. You can check them out now over on the gallery.

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Disappointingly, as with every season of ‘The Originals’, this is the last we are going to see of Nate for a little while until he comes back later on in the season. You can now check out HD screen captures of Nate from episode 4×03 – ‘Haunter of Ruins’.

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