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The Nathaniel Buzolic Fansite Reviews New Popular TV Shows

Welcome to Nathaniel Buzolic TV Shows Review Blog. Television first became popular in modern average households in and around the 1950s. Since then a lot has changed in terms of the taste and preference of the viewers and the creative ideas of the producers. Initially, television was all about facts and information. Gradually it became a source of entertainment with more and more people consuming it on a daily basis. And today the genre of new popular tv shows are delivering completely different types of messages. No wonder the taste and preferences of the viewers have evolved much to absorb hardcore fantasies that talk about kings and princess and vampires and unicorn. Nathaniel bucolic fansite takes a glance at the current scenario of the new popular tv shows and reviews them. At the Nathaniel Buzolic fansite we also have suggestions for video games inspired by these popular tv shows. Scroll down for amazing casino games on legal casino sites, like mobile casino apps for a chance to earn real money rewards. You can try these games with the free spins bonus from online casinos. This bonus doesn't have a deposit requirement, and casinos offer it to new players to incentivize them to try their platform. There is no downside to using it, so there is no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of these promotions. We will talk in more detail later.

New Popular TV Shows And Reviews

The Nathaniel Buzolic fansite presents before you a list of the most viewed new popular tv shows that you must watch:

  1. Game Of Thrones: a mythical land named Westeros, nine royal families, and their fights over the land and to top that an old enemy who had been preparing himself to win over the land for long years is back . all this comprise the main theme of the story.

Review: this series has been running consecutively since 2011 and has maintained its first position throughout. Fun fact: There is a video game slot based on Game of Thrones that you can play in online casinos for real money. If you are intrigued, you can try it for free by using no deposit bonuses that you can get from some online casinos when you make a new account.

  1. Chernobyl: the story is based on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in April 1986, which is considered to be the worst man-made catastrophes of the world.

Review: it is comparatively a new series which began only in 2019 and has received 9.7 stars out of 10 by its viewers on IMDB.

  1. Lucifer: the story is about Lucifer changing his mind and taking a break from hell, and settling down on earth to understand humanity better. So he comes to Los Angeles, which is also the city of angels. the originals Kol actor were enchanting.

Review: third among the new popular tv shows, this show has received 8.7 stars out of 10 on IMDB.

  1. The Big Bang Theory: this drama is about two nerdy physicists and a cute girl moving in with them in their apartment and introducing a whole new world to them

Review: a tv series that has constantly been equally popular from 2007 to 2019. Does it need any other explanation?

  1. Grey’sAnatomy: the story revolves around five intern resident doctors, mainly Meredith grey.

Review: this tv series had been played since 2005 and had been voted to the top several times in a row. the originals Kol actor had made a mark of their own.


TV Shows Trivia

The popularity of the new popular tv shows has led people to utilize their popularity in several ways. One of that is quiz and trivia. The Nathaniel Buzolic fansite reports Many quiz and trivia have been set on popular tv shows. They are all differently themed such as some of them might ask you to identify the characters of a particular show. For example, it may ask you to pick a character from the popular series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or ‘Friends’ that match all the criteria given below. Or character from the ‘Breaking Bad’ that fits remaining criteria and so on.

TV Shows Speculations And Fan Theories

Many times it has been seen that the fan’s interpretation of a tv show has given birth to a completely new dimension to the message that the director actually wanted to convey. Some such tv shows were :

  1. Spongebob Squarepants: which is thought to have resulted as an atom bomb testing
  2. Malcom In The Middle
  3. The Rugrats
  4. 30 Rock: Kenneth was awesome
  5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: the gang does not really look like we think

TV Shows Inspired Games

The popularity of TV shows has not left any entertainment field unturned. There is an end number of games that have been themed on popular TV shows like GOT, Vampire Diaries, Friends, etc available in the online casinos woth casino bonuses. One of the most known casino game software providers that make these themed games is Cryptologic, for which you can read more here. With addictive gameplay and huge money prizes, their games are always among the best. The girl fans of Nate of vampire diaries are crazy about online themed slot games based on the same. These games can be easily sought in online casinos. These online casinos offer many casino bonuses for you to play them and win real money. You can also play some other themed slot games on the mobile casino. These themed casino games are very good designed and very interesting and enjoyable, and can be enjoyed for free using casino bonuses on legal casino sites.

Most Bizarre TV Shows Endings

Here are some tv shows whose endings totally ruined the endings:

  1. ‘Dexter’ in ‘Remember the Monsters?’
  2. ‘Battlestar Galactica’ in ‘Daybreak’
  3. ‘St. Elsewhere’ in ‘The Last One’
  4. ‘Roseanne’ in ‘Into That Good Night’
  5. ‘Quantum Leap’ in ‘Mirror Image’