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REPORT: TVD Convention in Las Vegas (April 14)

I’d like to apologize for posting this so late. I’ve been following the panel through twitter during the weekend but didn’t have time to put it all together. Here it is now.

Question: How are you different from Kol?
Answer: “I am human. Don’t like taste of blood, only on occasion.” Nate also added he has a lot of things in common with Kol and that he’s a bit of a loner.

Question: What special skill has Kol developed in 1,000 years?
Answer: “I would say talking to woman but he doesn’t.”

Nate says that by default, Elijah is Kol’s favorite brother.

Question: Best part of working on TVD?
Answer: “Working with cast.” Audience screamed and he added: “Paul and Ian can’t hear you”.

Nate said when he read Kol was gonna die, he was cool with it. He said the good thing about supernatural shows is people who die can come back, but don’t hate him if Kol doesn’t return.

Favorite thing about being an Original?
Answer: “An Original just sounds really cool. I wouldn’t want to be just a regular vampire. An Original is like the royal family.”

Nate jokingly says that even he gets lost in Ian SOmerhalder’s eyes.

Question: What episode did you like to film the most?
Answer: “The episode with Ian in freezer. They put the cute extras near us.”

Question: If Kol was alive who would he be dating?
Answer: “Hmmmmm I cant say Rebekah. That would be weird. She’s my sister.”

He once texted Claire to ask her to dinner, but sent it to Paul by mistake.

Question: Favorite thing to pass time as a child?
Answer: Nate says her grew up “late,” played with toys until he was like 14-15. G.I Joes were his favorite, played with them in back yard using the whole thing as a battlefield.

Question: What boy band would you be in?
Answer: “One Direction but I would have to be around boys all the time.”

When he hugged a small kid, who wrote him a cute letter he commented: “Do you wanna know what I think when I see you? Children. I want kids!” He then asked the audience: “Who wants to be my wife so we can have babies?”

Nate reads a letter from a little girl and he gave her his bracelet.

He’s taking the next two months off work to travel.

Nate keeps looking at the back screen and saying “oh my head.” And puts on bunny ears.

He doesn’t really have a celebrity crush. What impresses him is someone’s good heart.

He says that “Paul has perfect hair!”

He loves photography and would love to work for National Geographic.

Nate said Daniel almost punched Joseph for real during a scene.

He believes there’s a reason behind everything Kol does. “He’s just lashing out.”

“Follow your heart and chase your dreams because your dream isn’t going to chase you.” – Nate.

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