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Report: Insurgence Germany and Insurgence 5

Hello everyone!
I have two incredible weekends behind me and I can’t wait to share with you all everything we learnt about Nate at Insurgence Germany and Insurgence 5 conventions.

Question: How many children do you want?
Answer: “Nate: I don’t want an even number so if I have 2, I will make one more so that they become 3, and if are four I would make another one to make 5.”

-“The problem with being Claire’s brother on the show, is that I can’t kiss her.”

-He would like to do some flashbacks that explained why Kol is the way he is.

-“It’s easy to get lost in Ian’s eyes while shooting.”

-Nate thinks that Kol could fall in love but it would be hard (since everyone is already taken).

-His dad left him, his mother and brother when he was just 2 years old, so Nate changed his name to Buzolic since he wants nothing to do with his dad.

-His favourite co-star is Daniel Gillies.

-Nate likes to joke that a key necklace he wears is the key to kiss heart. He bought it in Italy and he said it was a part of his style.

-In Germany, Nate crashed Sebastian’s panel and asked questions with an accent. He ended the question by asking for a hug.

-Kiss Caroline, Marry Bonnie and Kill Elena! (He loves working with Nina though so if Nina ever reads that: “Nothing personal!”  )

-Nate hates pimples! Hides in his shell if he even gets the smallest one.

-Nate: Loved playing basketball until a bad goo-ey accident ended it. Still has a bump on his forehead from it.

-“Elijah! Let’s go horse riding…Where is Klaus? He’s got a haircut. That’s odd.”

-Nate would love to work with Johnny Depp. In a pirate movie. “If only I was Orlando Bloom.” He met Johnny some time ago when he went to a bar all by himself and there he was sitting, having a drink and talking to the bartender because there’s no one else in this bar. “It was empty – and I’m like, you know what – the next guy that walks in I’m going to buy him a drink. Johnny Depp walks in. So I bought him a rum. It’s funny, he was with his manager – and I was talking to Johnny and he was a lovely guy, so humble.”

-Nates favorite thing about being an actor is playing all day, he doesn’t want to grow up. He’s Peter Pan.

-Nate can’t stop laughing when he see’s Joseph Morgan with long hair in flashbacks.

-People like to imagine actors rich, but Nate shared that when he is in LA, he would ride a bicycle for an hour to get to the audition and he’d come there all sweaty.

-Nate finds famous people boring and tells them to get over themselves.

-Nate again sung James Blunt.

Question: Your inspiration for being an actor?
Answer: Romeo and Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio inspired me.
Everyone was born and gifted with a Talent, even if it take long time to discover, you have it!
If you hide your Talent you will walk alone, even if surrounded by people; if you use it and fall for it, you will grow up and be helped by people surrounding you. You are the important piece of the puzzle, you are part of the world.

-He would love to play in Game of Thrones.

-Nathaniel find it funny how people come to him at the photo op and say they want to do something fun, and when he askes them what, they say: “I don’t know.” SO he tried to suggest some poses and fans are just like: “No, I don’t like that.” And then they end doing the hug pose.

-“If you’re not chasing your dreams then why are you doing? You’re falling into what society wants you to do.”

-Acting helped Nate leave his shell.

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