Report – Day 2 Nathaniel at #TVD Insurgence 4 Convention – Birmingham UK – 24 June 2012 - Nathaniel Buzolic Fansite
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Report – Day 2 Nathaniel at #TVD Insurgence 4 Convention – Birmingham UK – 24 June 2012

Day 2 of Insurgence Convention in the UK was no less fun than Day 1. In fact, it was even crazier and more fun with Nate being there. First he attended Masquerade Party with Malese on Saturday evening and partied till midnight interacting with fans. Than on Day 2 he had his panel with Claire Holt where they talked about each other, their childhood memories, and many more things. There were also Photo ops with fans and much more. Highlight of the evening was when Nate stripped down during Ian/Paul Panel. Below you can see few pics and a report straight from fans.
We have tried to credit as much as possible. If we haven’t and any of the photos belongs to you, please feel free to contact us on twitter or send us an e-mail. We are more than happy to give the full credits.


Here is a brief summary from Sunday’s event. Thanks to fans who where kind enough to share the Q&A session and everything about Nate.

Nate is so great. He’s making the crowd wild. He wants drinks and dance – Ellen

malese and nate just showed up again! so close to them :) – Tina

Nate just walked past and said ‘really darling, thanks for getting me here’ and kissed my cheek and gave me a hug! I love him! – Megan Handley

natebuzz so fit! Thanks for dancing with us… – Catherine Thorley

Lol I’m fangirling over the fact that @natebuzz asked me for a kiss and so I did agskslgs. – Penny Bramwell

Thank you @natebuzz for making my weekend here at #TVDI4 and thank you for sittin next to me on your coffee lounge and for being u. – Laura Blakey

Nates favourite disney character is peter pan. – Jessica Walsh

Nate and Claire would be a unicorn. – Jessica Walsh

Nate would date Kat Graham. – Jessica Walsh

Nate and Claire on stage. Nate is my fav for this weekend. He’s sweet , friendly, funny and down to earth. Just pure Nate. – Ellen

Claires favourite song is Paradise by Coolio. Nates favourite is Dying Here. – Jessica Walsh

Awwh, @natebuzz is such an inspirational speaker! – @Amba_Fellows

The worst christmas gift Nate got from his aunt: expired salty lollies. – Jessica Walsh

Nate hasn’t done any washing for a couple of weeks so Claire suggested going commando ;) – Jessica Walsh

Nate and Claire are an adorable double act. – Jessica Walsh

Claire and Nate would love to meet Oprah. – Jessica Walsh

Nate and claire just hugged. – Jessica Walsh

Nate is doing a Michael Jackson dance to I’m sexy and I know it. CROTCH TOUCH! – Jessica Walsh

Nate says Claire attracts people to her journey and its endearing. – Jessica Walsh

Nate and Claire just hugged again and kissed on cheeek!!!!! – @somerhaldah

Nate didn’t like caspar’s character being killed off. – Jessica Walsh

Nates mum is obsessed with him having babies. – Jessica Walsh

Claire and Nate would love to work behind the camera. – Jessica Walsh

Nate would love to work for national geographic as a photographer. – Jessica Walsh

Claires fave tv show of all time is Scandal rn. Nates is H20 :’) hahaha – Jessica Walsh

Claire says Nate’s only fault is that he doesn’t give massages for long enough. – @TheFarahKarim

Claire thought being in the coffin was scary but Nate thought it wasa a good sleep. – Jessica Walsh

Nate’s greatest achievement hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Claire’s is moving over to the US by herself and committing to it – Jessica Walsh

Nate’s favourite book is lord of the rings. – Jessica Walsh

Nate just walked down the line waiting for Steven and Nate photo op and apologised for the wait… such a quality guy! – Elliot M.K. C

Nate is such a sweetheart. And he gives great hugs! – @LovesickDecoy

Oh my GOD @natebuzz proposed to me on my photo shoot with him !!!!! – louise khozouie

natebuzzpanel…. I saw the greatest Michael Jackson move!!lolFAB NATE : ) – @2oldtobeafan

Just had a hug off Nate after I gave him his gift & he loved the fact I’ve called my car Kol!! – Melissa Louise

Nate just took his shirt off in Ian & Paul’s panel!!!! – Melissa Louise

Nate yelled: Ian I Love You while he was in the audience. And took of his shirt while hè was standing on a chair. Funny moment. – Ellen

“We live in a world of darkness, so I ask you all to shine, and take heart.” @natebuzz. – Sally Wakeman

RogueEvents thanks for a great weekend, we’ve absolutely loved it, think @natebuzz is my new favourite guest please come back to I5 – Claire Williams

OMG! It was soooooo hot when @natebuzz took his top of at #TVDI4 – @DamonsBitch

natebuzz Nate you are the BEST! Thank you for making this weekend so much fun. – Ellen

More photos will be posted soon.


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