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Nathaniel attends Bloodlines Press Conference in Brazil

The Bloodlines Convention press conference happened last Friday (June 21) in Sao Paulo and it was attended by actor Nathaniel Buzolic and choreographer and member of RTA Global, Bryan Tanaka.
Nate surprised everyone with his kindness. “[He] is friendly and extremely funny, fun and gives so much to the audience. The actor spoke about The Vampire Diaries, the Brazilian fans and his career, which began as host of a game show in Australia,” Dammit reports.
“My mother was a refugee in Australia, we were extremely poor and, you know … Sometimes you have no choice, you have to work to earn money. Acting has always been my passion, but I have been doing other jobs for a while to get some money, and then I made it to this game show, at night, which was one of the worst mistakes of my life (laughs). It began at midnight and went on until 4 in the morning,” Nathaniel told the audience.
A fan asked him for a hug and he happily gave her one.

nate buzolic gives fan a hug

He also talked about his Australian costars, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin.
“(Sigh) You know what the worst part of being a brother of Claire Holt in a TV series? You can not, never, never, NEVER, kiss Claire Holt (laughs)! It sucks! She is so beautiful and so nice … I think the most important thing an actor should have, an actor or anyone else, is a humble heart. Arrogance is not attractive. Trust is good, but arrogance is horrible. And Claire has an amazing heart … And Pheobe Tonkin is incredibly hot (laughs), she is wonderful! Well … I can kiss her, since she is not my sister.”
The actor also joked that Julie Plec could do a romantic scene, Ghost Style, between Kol and Phoebe. But nothing compares to the moment when a fan asked a question in Portuguese (the questions, until then, were asked ​​in English), and Nate, not understanding anything, began to tell a recipe for lasagna to guests: “They are 4 layers! Lasagna without 4 layers isn’t lasagna.”
nathaniel buzolic invites fan to smell his parfumeAnd that’s not all! When asked what parfume he uses, the actor asked the boy who asked the question to come to his table, smell and try to guess.
The same boy asked what music style Nate likes best, and Nathaniel answered he was into different styles and one of them is rap, but it has a problem: “I love rap, but I do not like swearing. Just downloading a clean version of the song, which is often completely different and does not have the same grace (laughs).”
Couldn’t miss the usual question, right? Team Damon or Team Stefan? Nate had the answer on the tip of the tongue! “I know you will not like, but I’m Team Stefan (boos), wait … You girls love a bad boy, is not it? But in real life, the bad boys are those who mistreat you, hurt you … are those who will betray you.”
Message given! Nate insisted on talking all the time about how Brazil is different from other countries and how the Brazilian fans are incredible. The actor thanked for all the support and said he hopes fans will continue to support him either in TVD or his other projects.

The article was translated by me, mostly using google translate and common sense (please credit if you post it anywhere, it still took hours to put it together). If you notice any mistakes please tweet us. The original article can be read here in Portuguese. Thanks to Carol for the heads up and to @NateBuzzFcBrazi & Vera for helping me with the translation.

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