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TV Speculations and Fan Theories

Because of their common actors or their scriptural similarities, many television series are at the heart of theories imagined and developed by viewers. While some of them seem far-fetched, others have solid foundations and would even be able to convince us, as is the case with theories of shared universes. Imagine the characters of Breaking Bad going on an adventure with Doctor Who or all the heroes of Joss Whedon living the same thrilling journey: get ready, because according to these theories, all your favorite series are linked.

Impossible theories, speculations, and explanations

When the argument is difficult, some try to find a logical answer for so much chaos. There are occasions when a series seems to have no direction whatsoever, which gives wings to the fans to think that the writers saved in the manga a strange theory that explains something that in reality is the fruit of chance.

We reviewed the wildest theories that the series lovers have distributed on the Internet about the argument of the most popular television series.

  1. “Grey’s anatomy.»

Why are so many misfortunes happening at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? The followers of” Grey’s Anatomy ” have it very clear: Meredith suffers Alzheimer’s. Shootings, earthquakes, plane crashes and the medical team at this health center has experienced all kinds of misfortunes, and for fans, they have all sprung from the mind of the protagonist and narrator of the story. His sick mind can place facts that have not actually happened within the walls of the hospital, as explained in an article published in EW. Alzheimer is a disease that has punctuated the life of Meredith Grey since the series began on ABC. Her mother was suffering from this disease, an illness that marked the beginning of her life as a redesigned surgeon. A medical test revealed to the audience that the young doctor was predisposed to suffer from the disease, a fact that for the followers only reaffirms her theory.

Are Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Sloan really dead? Did Meredith keep a perfectly happy life with her husband?

  1. “The Walking Dead»

The seventh season of” The Walking Dead ” has turned Rick’s life upside down, and his group of survivors settled in Alexandria. The arrival of Negan, much awaited by the fans of the series, has managed to destabilize the group and has triggered the creative capacity of its supporters. In one of the last episodes, Negan’s landing with his own in Alexandria unleashed rumors and theories. The group of the new villain arrived accompanied by Daryl, who is now his prisoner. The rider met Rick face-to-face and, although he was unable to talk to his friend, many believe he was able to communicate through morse language. By winks, the survivor of the crossbow could have explained to Grimes the location of the camp of Denying. Unfortunately for fans, the showrunner of “The Walking Dead” has assured that, although he is amazed by the theory, the reality is that Daryl did not use morse language to give directions to Rick. Too bad!

  1. “Game of Thrones»

Another of the most popular series with strange, though logical, theories about their future is “Game of Thrones.” The popular series based on the saga ‘a Song of ice and fire’ by George R. R. Martin has also inspired followers to seek answers to some of the enigmas of the series.

Winter has finally arrived, and the White Walkers will reach the Seven Kingdoms, how can they overcome them in Westeros? According to the followers, The Iron Throne will be key to the outcome of the series. The material from which the throne is made is Valyrian steel, the only one capable of killing White Walkers. In this way, the theory assures that, when the time comes, the throne will be melted down to make weapons with which to overcome in a face-to-face confrontation and save the 7 kingdoms from their destiny.

  1. “Breaking Bad»

A priori, to think that ” Breaking Bad “is a prequel to” The Walking Dead ” might be laughable. However, this theory is not as crazy as it seems. The followers of” The Walking Dead ” could not overlook the fact that in the second season of the post-apocalyptic series Daryl carried among his brother Merle’s things the clear bags that were used to pack Walter White’s drugs. The brothers were heavily drug-related in their life before the zombie episode, and fans believe that becoming a Living Dead is a side effect of having consumed White’s products.