Nathaniel Buzolic On Kol & Davina, Threats To The Mikaelsons & More! - Nathaniel Buzolic Fansite
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Nathaniel Buzolic On Kol & Davina, Threats To The Mikaelsons & More!

Kol is back!

At the end of last week’s super plot-twisty episode of “The Originals,” Nathaniel Buzolic’s character was brought back to (undead) life in New Orleans by his powerful witch girlfriend, Davina (Danielle Campbell). But while she was delighted to see her beau again, the reunited couple now faces a lot of challenges. Davina hasn’t spent much time around Kol in his birth body (Daniel Sharman played the witch Kol was body jumped into last season when their romance began), she just broke Klaus’ sireline and the ancient hybrid is not pleased, and then, there’s also the added trouble that comes with Kol simply being a Mikaelson.

To get down to the bottom of all things headed our way on “The Originals,” Access Hollywood hopped on the phone with Nathaniel, whose enthusiasm over being back, and for the drama on the way, is infectious.

“It’s really nice to come back and I think the audience is absolutely going to love what we’ve been working on, so I’m super excited for [Friday’s] episode,” Nathaniel told Access on Thursday afternoon. “I’ve been waiting for this for a little while, so I’m just like, ‘Yeahhhhhh! It’s finally here!’”

You’ve got to [clarify for me] what Kol is, supernaturally speaking, when he comes back. Is he a witch, is he a vampire, is he a bit of both, is he something else?
He’s a vampire. He’s back in his original body as he died on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – minus the bad haircut. So yeah, he’s definitely a vampire and I think that’s one of the biggest challenges Davina is going to have to sort of work on, particularly in the next episode. It’s almost like a blind date again in some ways, because this is first time he’s come back and she’s like, ‘Hey, I’m used to this other guy, who is a very attractive guy with curly locks, and blue-y eyes and now he’s got dark eyes, and you’re very cheeky and mysterious and you also like sucking on people’s necks.’ So, it’s interesting. It’s like a Tinder date that she’s gone on. She’s like, ‘That was great. First date was awesome. Second date, different guy. You don’t look like your profile picture anymore.’

So funny. But then, you do think how you arrived [back on the side of the living last week], which was shirtless, so maybe Davina is cool with that because I don’t [recall] if they had a shirtless scene for Daniel Sharman.
Yeah, look, no offense Daniel Sharman, but I think if it became a competition who got their top off, I’d like to think I would win.

You’re cracking me up!
We [me, and Daniel Sharman] go to the same gym together, so I’m sure now, he’s probably going to be — well, if he ever hears this interview, he’ll be like, ‘OK, let’s see, Nathaniel. Competition time.’ I love a good competition, Daniel Sharman, so bring it on.

I think [the fans] need a photo of the two of you [posted] on Twitter the next time you’re in the gym together. OK… let’s just talk about the basics, which is… Davina broke the sireline. How much danger is [Klaus] in?
Klaus is definitely in some trouble. You don’t get into the position you get in where Klaus is, without making a lot of enemies, so I think [in] this episode, he’s probably [high up] on the most-wanted list. It’s going to be a challenging episode for his character, and it’s also interesting for my character because you come back and all you probably want to do is love the girl that brought you back, but then, all of sudden you realize your family’s got a whole bunch of issues that you may have to deal with as well.

That your girlfriend helped cause.
That my girlfriend caused. But I love her! It’s my girlfriend. I’m going to stand by my girlfriend before I stand by my brothers who kind of gave up on bringing me back pretty quickly.

Wait, wait, wait. What ever happened to ‘always and forever’?
I feel like Kol’s always on the outside of the family, you know? It always felt like the three amigos with them – Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah.

Tell me about the reunion scene [with the Mikaelsons] and how that goes.
I’ll put it this way, it starts off with a bang. And I think it’s your classic dysfunctional family — who’s going to have the [strongest] arm to wrestle and I think it’s always been that way with the family. Everyone’s got their specific sort of personality and they all try and fit into this sort of family dynamic, but it always gets complicated if you’re a Mikaelson.

We’ve got another vampire coming in in this week’s episode – Cortez – do you have any connections to him yourself?
No, I don’t. He’s basically an enemy of Klaus. I saw some of the footage, some of the scenes between Joseph and [Matt Cedeno, who] plays Cortez and they’re great little scenes. They really got a great little actor for that. And I think he sort of comes with a very, very powerful message to Klaus, which will really change the game in a big way, the next episode.

Is Kol in any type of danger now that he’s back… in the land of the living?
I think you’re always in danger when you’re a Mikaelson. I think the greatest danger is him falling more and more in love, and how that sort of fits into the life of a vampire. It’s an interesting thing because… now it’s a very, very different Kol that [Davina’s] going to be introduced to, so even though he loves her, it’s going to be one of those things, more so for Davina to be like, ‘Is this the guy I fell in love with?’

[Lastly, one] quick technical question — where is Kol going to live now that he’s back in the land of the living?
He strikes me as a one-bedroom [apartment] kind of guy, but I’m sure that it depends what the property market’s like in New Orleans. In the meantime, he’ll probably live with the family. But I think in a perfect world, he’d probably move in with Davina, but I can’t give anything away!