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Quotes by Nate


  • “People say I look like a vampire. I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not.”
  • “I remember the first time I got up on stage and was able to make people laughI remember the first time I got up on stage and was able to make people laugh. From that day on, I was hooked.
  • “For me acting is about conveying a story – creating something that affects people.
  • “Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my beautiful
    Mum driving me to practice and rehearsals 6 days a week so I could chase my dreams.
  • “I secretly wouldn’t mind being a pirate… like Jack Sparrow!
  • “Life is a gift… I live by faith and believe in seeking the good…
  • “I try to live by example, and I’m not perfect. but I love the lord, and i have a great group of believers.
  • “Single mums are absolute HEROES in my eyes.
  • “If today is my last day, I’ll act accordingly.
  • “If you had 3 weeks left to live, would you take the pressure off yourself? Start to enjoy the little things? Love more? Hate less? Life Life.
  • “Even in darkness and shadow, there’s love shining down from above. Just gotta look up.
  • “To those that feel down and out…Let today be the day you stand up & fight. Let today be the day you say I won’t quit.
  • “Dreaming is simply the heart’s reminder of what to truly chase. Always follow your heart, but know your dream has got a head start.
  • “If Disney taught me anything it was this – your dreams are floating above you, you just have to look up to grab them.
  • “I like Christmas because it forces people to think of others. Too bad it wasn’t 365 days a year. Be a nice little society to live in that way.
  • “Fame doesn’t impress me. I’d date a girl that worked in a bread shop if she shined a bright light for this world.
  • “Take heart!”


About The Vampire Diaries


  • “The best part of playing Kol is the great people I get to work with every day.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to play a vampire… so its amazing to play an original…who lets say helped get this ball rolling”
  • “Did Elena see 127 Hours? Might have helped.” – on 3.15 episode


Quotes about Nate


  • Joseph Morgan: “He’s my mate!
  • Katerina Graham: “Nate is freaking awesome.