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admin   janeiro 7th, 2017   Social Media The Originals

For the shire!!!! hahaha

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admin   junho 27th, 2012   Social Media

As promised, the ‘meet and greet’ with fans in front of the Jupiter Luxury Hotel in Split, Croatia took place yesterday.

All the fans had an amazing time, taking pictures and getting their papers signed, as did Nate:

In the end, the love he had left after spreading tons in the palace square, he gave to Split:

You have one more day to bump into Nate in Split’s streets. Tomorrow, he leaves for Dubrovnik.

admin   maio 19th, 2012   Social Media

Nate is enjoying his time off in his hometown Sydney and he was spotted at his Favorite Italian restaurant Mancini.
MancinisHome tweeted this beautiful picture of him.

admin   abril 29th, 2012   Social Media

Yesterday Nate tweeted this great photo of him portraying James Dean adding James’ quote:

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

To all those wondering: No, Nate does not smoke. 😉

admin   abril 22nd, 2012   Social Media

Nate has been traveling around California for the last 2 weeks:

I have been MIA the last two weeks! have been traveling around California! wanted to send love and blessings to you all. Be back to normality monday.. what ever normal means xx

Yesterday he shared some new photos from his travels.

Follow Nate on twitter and facebook for any more updates.

admin   março 2nd, 2012   Social Media

#72daysForFreedom is a cause which is very dear to Nate. Please sign this petition to end slavery. It’s a request, not because Nate supports it but because as a human being everyone has a right to live in a free world. Not as slaves.

Sign, donate if you can and spread the word. Our little help can save lives of 27 Million slaves all over the world.

Raise your voice for their freedom today. Our voices can be heard. We can do something if we all unite. Click on the link below and sign the petition.

Nate also tweeted a cool pic in support of this.

Sign this Petition and add a Twibbon to your icons if you have Twitter or FB to show your support.

admin   fevereiro 24th, 2012   Social Media

Finally on Feb 23rd 2012 Nate got verified on Twitter. Now he is among the real original verified accounts.

Congratulations Nate!

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